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    I am just a very lucky young man from belfast. I started canoeing as part of a cross community trip in which my self and another guy were sent to canada to a specifically open canoeing camp. i have been goin there since i was twelve and i am now 18. the trips gradually get longer as you get older and more experienced. They range from around 2-5 day trips in the beginning to my most recent trip which i took part in last summer (2005).
    This was section A , a 52 day trip which finishes in husons bay, the arctic ocean. these trips are life changeing as you get to know the 10 people you are with so well because we dont see any people for the duration apart from the float plane pilot as he has to fly in the food for the second half of the trip. Ill leave it know because i can ramble on about this for ever as it means so much to me, but ill leave you the link to the website which has photos of my trip. and the main part of the site has examples and photographs of the trips the younger children undertake. .

    Hope this enspires everyone to pick up there paddles as it always does for me.

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    I've only just discovered I had a deprived childhood It must have been a fantastic trip.

    Are you going back next year or are you too old now? How did you get started with these trips?

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    Thanks Andy. I started canoeing when I was 14 and at 47 I still love it as much as I ever did. The photo's were great and very inspiring, I showed them to my son and he got really fired up about going on longer trips.

    You are right about getting to know people on an extended trip. My closest friends are all people that I have paddled with on expeditions!

    Thanks again and happy paddling!

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    im goin back to work as staff at the camp next summer i just have to try and get a temporary canadian work visa sorted. i got started through the bb. Just luck though as there has only ever been 3 others who have gone as this.

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