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Thread: Spanish Fly ( pyranha) or Savage wanted

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    Default Spanish Fly ( pyranha) or Savage wanted


    I am after a Pyranha Spanish Fly if anyone can help?
    There was a previous version (savage I think) which is fine too.

    I can't post links or pics yet to show you one.... it is on pyranhas website under support / discon boats.

    I am based in the midlands area... I also have a 4twenty for swaps ( your prob not interested but worth asking!)



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    The Spanish Fly is now made by Esquif so a new one could be obtained.

    They do come up for sale on UKRGB fromtime to time as well.

    Happy hunting

    Cheers Graeme
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    I think Scott is sorted now
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    I thought that spanish fly was something you got for a quiet nignt in !!!!
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