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Thread: Hello from Kingston upon Hull

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    Default Hello from Kingston upon Hull

    Very interested in taking up canoeing with family of 4 Wife and 2 kids 4 and 8 years and meself.

    Found this site a great source of info. Keen to try before buying, does anyone know any places local to Hull where a try out is possible.

    Layed up at moment after painfull appendectomy, probably ready to start paddling late September when its nice and cold!

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    hello and welcome,

    Hull is my home town, but other than some very bandit 'runs' on East Park lake in the dead of night as a kid I cannot think of anywhere very pleasant to paddle. MAybe Pocklington canal?
    Not sure when I'm next going to see my folk as I don't go too often. Nowhere to paddle see.! But if I remember I'll drop you a PM next time i'm about your way.
    If it wasn't for the rain in our lives there would be no rivers. X 2

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    Welcome again Chris. As I said in my email I am not familiar with Hull so can't recommend places but if there are no local members you can get a paddle it might be an idea to have a look for somewhere that hires out canoes. Even if not very local a short drive and a day paddle might be in order.

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