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Thread: life jackets where to buy/wanted

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    Default life jackets where to buy/wanted

    looking for xxxl life jackets for around 23 stone & 16 stone automatic gas also a recommend one for a five year old.

    any ideas on where to buy or any knocking around please let us know


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    crewsaver do inflatable life jackets for up to 50" chests, 275 Nm

    they also do childrens

    But are you sure you want a life jacket and not a BA(pfd)

    link for crewsaver
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    Default Life Jacket

    It depends where you are in the country but Leam Boat centre in Leamington Spar trading on the internet as can get hold of all sorts of stuff as well as holding in stock crewsaver, peak uk and yak vests. Because they are also a pleasure boat centre they also have lots of life vests for various sizes.

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    thanks for your replies, i am local to leam so may go over and try a few on

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