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Thread: How to repair a rip in a Polyester Jacket.

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    Default How to repair a rip in a Polyester Jacket.

    My mum was out walking on the moors earlier this week, and trying to help a worried and lost looking Staffie pup, she managed to get hung up on a barb-wire fence and has ripped a 90 tear in her walking jacket, with each tear about 50mm long ...

    It's a Harry Hall (horse) riding jacket, and it's a very finely woven polyester too, so I can't see it liking being sewn (at least not in the cack-handed way I sew things). I had wondered about using a 'gore-tex' kinda patch, but I don't know if that'd work.

    Any thoughts on how to make this repair would be gratefully received.

    (The dog was fine, she managed to reunite her with her owner a bit later in the walk).

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    Glue a patch behind it ? Done well it's hardly visible. Glued a Ventile jacket of mine like this with great success
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    PWC probably has the best idea but try one of the iron on tapes. Easy if you can get to the back of the tear but if not you may be able to feed some through the tear between lining and outer.

    Some of the places that advertise 'invisible mending' should be able to do this for you.

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    I have used spinnaker tape successfully (the type used for boat sails)

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