Makers Spec

Specifications 14'
Length 14'
Depth 14 "
Beam 31"
Bow Height 21"
Rocker 2 "
Capacity 940 lbs

Fiberglass 60 lbs
Everteck 52 lbs
Kevlar 43 lbs

Makers Write Up
Canoeing guru Bill Mason expressed it best, "The 16' Prospector is the finest all round canoe...period." Our Prospector is no different. Called "the most classical paddling Prospector" by Canoe and Kayak Magazine is a classically designed all purpose canoe for intermediate and experienced paddlers. It is well suited for both tandem and solo paddling. It delivers excellent performance under all sorts of conditions, loads, and water types. Seasoned paddlers will cherish the Prospector's responsiveness, predictability, and its tremendous secondary stability. The Prospector is available in two lengths and choice of trim packages and materials.