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Thread: Central London Lonely Paddlers!

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    Default Central London Lonely Paddlers!

    Hello everyone!

    A quick intro then I guess? Well my name's Kelvin - my wife Sinead and I have lived in Barnes near the Thames for a while now - and have canoed in big fat canadian canoes for even longer! But it's been a bit of a lonely affair on the river Thames - getting shouted at by testosterone injected rowers on the river etc... (sigh) And it's time we joined the larger (I hope) community of canoeists out there. People who think the water out there is for fun, relaxation and adrenaline - and not just a waterborne gymnasium!

    So - we've had a look at some clubs in the area - and unfortunately open canoeing around these parts is very much of the competitive go as fast as you can variety (as far as we can see) - nothing wrong with that per se, but it's not the sort of canoeing we live for ourselves.

    White water! Catching eddies - twisting your boat round for the perfect park up behind that enormous rock you were so sure would kill you a minute earlier...

    Flat water! Floating along letting the cares, worries, and every day drudgery slip down your paddle and into the water to disappear just for a bit...

    Yup those are the things we love!

    SO... Barnes calling all canoeists out there - we'd love to meet others of the same mindset. The winter season is kicking in - we shouldn't let just the dry suited kayakers get all the fun! Anyone up for a white water trip - grade 2-3 somewhere? Summer is for cruising and winter is for white water!

    ps We went down the river Wandle yesterday from Merton Abbey Mills to the Thames (couldn't get own the last weir because well we'd certainly end up in the drink but otherwise - bloody brilliant - excellent mix of adventure and relaxation we've found in London - not a soul on the river! Little bit shallow in places - had to man handle our 16 footer over some rocks but otherwise classic stuff!

    Hope to hear from you all soon!


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    Default Welcome

    Good to have you along for the trip.

    Plenty here who paddle the Thames and more who like the white stuff.

    May the gentleness of morning, greet your silent passage through endless waters...

    May all your winds be gentle. And for ww - May it rain the night before.

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    I'm not from your area but I know we have quite a few members down in your neck of the woods so I am sure there will be lots of new paddling partners coming your way soon

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    Welcome to the site It's worth looking in the meetings/trips/socials section - as you're going to have to drive to get some whitewater it doesn't really matter where your paddling companions live

    There are a few trips going on - I've got trips on the Usk this coming weekend, Lower Dart/Barle 22nd/23rd November and the Usk/Wye 24th/25th January, there's a Dart Loop/Barle weekend organised by Ed Basset this coming weekend, and plenty more.

    Often the best way to get people to go paddling with is just to decide when and where you want to go, then post in the meets section to see if anyone fancies joining you.
    'Of all the paths you choose in life, make sure some of them are wet'

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    Hi Kelvin, our club, Tower Hamlets CC, is the other side of town but we have a growing band of open boaters with similar interests to you.

    Our weekly club sessions are flat water based on Shadwell Basin, we also do some leisurely trips on the nearby Regent's Canal and we plan to do more weekend trips in open boats, both cruisey flatwater ones and some of the more exciting stuff. In fact, we are just back from a weekend in North Wales and are all fired up to plan the next one!

    Come and join us any Tuesday or drop me a PM if you'd like to know more.


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    Thumbs up welcome

    Hi Kelvin and Wife, a warm welcome to the forum, I see you already have had an invite to a club, that coupled with all the other hints and tips, you should soon find some paddling companions in the meantime wish you all the best and Welcome Happy paddlingBill

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