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Thread: My first canoe - wanted

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    Default My first canoe - wanted

    I know second hand boats are hard to come by but thought it would be worth asking.

    I'm looking to buy, borrow, hire? My first canoe.

    At present I have access to a couple of Coleman RAM-X17's OK for taking the kids football team for a paddle, but a bit of a handfull solo!

    Looking for a Disco or similar, I have about 400 to spare or if you have a boat sitting in your garage not getting much use I'd love to borrow or hire it from you for a while until I'm able to invest a little more.

    Thanks for reading, hope you can help

    PS I'm based in Dorset, willing to travel but Scotland is a little too far.

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    Dear GaryBeaver,

    Have a look at "Discovery 158 swap for longer canoe" dated 4 Sep 2008 in this forum; Swaps and Wanted.

    If that boat is of interest please drop me a Personal Mail or email.


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