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    Default Bell Yellowstone

    Has anyone paddled/owned a Bell Yellowstone?

    I would be interested to hear your opinion.

    It seems to be comparable to We-no-nah prospector and Mad River Horizon in terms of size, shape and weight.

    What is their build quality like?

    Any views welcome.


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    I have the Yellowstone Solo, which you can see here Admitedly it is not much like a prospector , but I really like it. There were some negative comments about both boats here but I chose to go with the solo anyway, and I'm not sorry. I find it tracks and turns well, and is very rewarding to paddle. Speed wise it is nothing special (but then neither am I ).

    One key difference between these boats and many others is that they are asymetric, having differential rocker at bow/stern and different bow/stern heights. This makes them a little less versatile than the prospector design. You would probably not want to sit in the front seat and paddle backwards in the tandem version as you can in symetric boats when paddling solo. They have a tumblehome hull shape as well. The asymetric profile is designed to give you good tracking with decent turning ability as well. I've never paddled a prospector, but would expect it to out turn a yellowstone easily, but not track as well, especially when lightly loaded. I find the design works pretty well in the solo anyway.

    The build quality seems pretty good, but bear in mind that all fittings (gunwales, decks, thwarts and seats) are added by the importer Outdoor Active (importers for Wenonah also). If I was being really picky I would say they could do a better job, but it was certainly adequate.

    The Bell gunwale is a different profile to other boats I have paddled, like Old Town and Wenonah and Venture. It is rounded with most of it outside the boat. If you attach anything via the gunwale you have to drill through the hull as well which is probably good thing, and should give you a more sound fixing. The rounded gunwale feels nicer than the square ones other manufacturers use.

    That's about all I can think of to tell you, but ask away if you want more.

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    Default Yellowstone

    Took out a tandem version solo paddling from the kneeling thwart- I'm not sure why they have the same name, it is a very different canoe- I hated it. The thwart was too high and set too far back and I couldn't get my pack far enough forward to counter balance. The very bouyant bow kept bouncing on the slight side chop and I had to put in a lot of effort to hold it straight. I suspect it is a good short tandem but the thwart would need moving to nearer the midle and the yoke removed to make it an acceptable solo. Would be interesting to try with a tandem saddle for whitewater.
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