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Thread: ideas please for Fri 17th Oct.

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    Default ideas please for Fri 17th Oct.

    now that its cold, my daughter, Smiler, has decided she wants to go camping, after i spent all summer trying to persuade her to go...

    its her very first time and she is a bit scared...
    so good people, im looking for ideas on where to take her,

    i was thinking of maybe Llyn Gwynant or Windermere (Low Wray)

    anyone with or without kids want to join us ???

    i may cancel this trip if the weather is bad...


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    Default Windermere Trip

    Your idea of Low Wray on Windermere sounds good, particularly for your daughter. My wife and I paddled in our Canadian across to Brockhole, the Lake District National Park Centre, and back a couple of weeks ago. The cafe has excellent hot chocolate and scones. The exhibitions are good there and take over an hour or so to do properly. I enjoyed it so much I took my friend Pankaj and his family the following week. The kids prefered the adventure playground (Scramble nets and 2 good zip wires.)
    Another short trip is the one to Waterhead so that you can walk up 500 metres to Heyes Garden Centre. They just opened the Christmas section there last week. The hot chocolate and scones are upstairs there!
    Having been to the Lakes twice in the last three weeks from Manchester, I am not proposing to join you, Sorry. I'm off to the Yorkshire Dale and to York.
    Roger Greenhalgh.

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