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Thread: Swift Temagami

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    Default Swift Temagami

    Makers Spec

    Designed by John Winters
    Length: 17’ 6”
    Gunwale Width: 37”
    Waterline Width: 33“
    Bow Height: 22.5”
    Stern Height: 20”
    Centre Depth: 15”
    Bow Rocker: 2.5”
    Stern Rocker: 1.5”
    Hull Shape: Asymmetrical
    Optimum Load Range ~460-650 lbs.
    Industry Capacity ~ 1100 lbs.
    Gold Fusion 64 lbs
    Guide Fusion 54 lbs
    Kevlar Fusion 46 lbs
    Carbon Fusion 44 lbs

    Makers Write Up
    Many paddlers - particularly those with small children - do not want to give up performance in exchange for stability and volume. While the
    Temagami may not have quite the speed of the Winisk, it has enormous stability and room for gear, pets and children. The Temagami
    performs a multitude of jobs well and will also appeal to those who intersperse a bit of easier white-water with their _at water paddling.
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    Default Swift Temagami kevlar fusion, two tone colour

    You never paddle the same river twice.

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    Some years ago I went to a Swift "demo day" in London, Ontario with my paddling buddy and paddled just about every Swift made at the time.

    My impression of the Temagami is that it is just like a big Mattawa. Meaning it's a friendly boat that can turn on a dime and carry a big load. It accelerates effortlessly for such a big boat but it's not fast. With gentle paddling it holds a fine cruising speed. It was windy the day I paddled it and even with a kneeling thwart this is not a solo canoe. Great family boat.

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    THis is a extremely seaworthy canoe. this model is used by Colin and Davis when they circomnavigated Britain in 2017.
    Propper writing in English. How do you do that? with dyslexia, bad hand eye coordination, ect. and in a foreign language.
    Sorry for all the mistakes.

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