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Thread: Hello from Snowghillie

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    Default Hello from Snowghillie

    Finally managed to log on thanks to Magikelly. I've been paddling about 30 years both canoe and kayak but started in sea kayaks at college. Love canoes and own a few boats. Paddle with the East of Scotland Open Canoe Club which is just a bunch of pals who like open boats. Spend a lot of time in Norway as it is easier to get to than Canada but I have been there and have pals that run an outfitter there. I teach a few outdoor sports but gave up being a P.O.F. (Professional Outdoor Fellow) fulltime when I grew up and wanted to earn a better wage. I like to spend time on long trips to get immersed in the outdoor life fishing, living off the land watching wildlife.

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    Welcome again. Glad we got you sorted out. I have split your post off into an introduction thread of its own.

    I have heard of the East of Scotland Open Canoe Club but not that much. I believe the chairman is a member here though.

    Once again welcome and any questions just let me know.

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    Hi, and welcome

    I think you will find quite a few ex POF hereabouts, as well as some hardly souls who have not sold out to higher salaries or been forced to retire due to injury.

    You might have come across my old MRC Guide that Adrienne paddles with East of Scotland...............must look her up sometime soon.
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    Default Welcome Snowghillie :-)

    You made it at last! Congratulations on joining us at last!

    Thanks for the advice on the Canadian aircrew survival aid... but the holes are supposed to be there!


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