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Thread: Gumotex inflatable wanted

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    Post Gumotex inflatable wanted

    Hi all,
    Anytime you see or hear of a Gumotex inflatable looking for a new home, pls let me know!

    Am interested in Palava, Sunny, Helios, or Safari. (Ok, I know the last 3 are kks really). Also Seeker (available in US under the Innova name)


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    Default Gumotex

    Hi Steve

    I've PM'd you about a Palava I've got for sale.

    If you don't understand, you'll need to ask.
    If you have to ask, I'll need to explain.
    If I have to explain, you won't understand.

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    Default gumotex wanted


    thanks yr PM: pls see mine in return


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