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Thread: Discovery 158 swap for a longer canoe.

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    Default Discovery 158 swap for a longer canoe.

    Discovery 158 in December...been on the river three times...expected scratches etc
    Looking for something close to 17ft in Green....maybe Penobscot or Discovery.
    Could part exchange if required.
    West Midlands but can travel to exchange.

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    I would be interested to hear your reasons for wanting to change. (not that I have a swap)

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    Reason for wanting a swap....
    The 158 was a stand-in while awaiting a Nova craft SP3 for solo and tandem use.
    The SP3 arrived but I kept decided to keep the 158 for friends etc.

    On reflection it would make more sense to have a second boat that had more room for two or more people and kit and that might be faster.

    A second longer boat would give more options.

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    Do you still have this boat & would you be interested in a cash offer?
    Please PM me with details if you are interested.

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    Default Boat no longer available- sold

    Boat no longer available-sold.

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