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    I wasn't sure were to post this so please move if need be.

    2 weeks ago I visited As Watersports to look at canoes. I noticed the sea kayaks they were selling had the same handpump as mine. The plastic retaining ring on my pump is broken. I asked if they could source a replacement. I wasnt really expecting a response as I have never bought anything from them. I am not a local so they are unlikely to retire on my spends.

    However today I got a phone call to say they had sourced the part and when the suppiler had it in stock they would mail it to me.

    First class service.

    Bushcraft Survival and First Aid Training.

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    I used to live in Devon and used to shop at AS Watersports when they were housed in a lock up on the other side of the river Exe from their present shop. Mitch was, and probably still is a real enthusiast and passionate about providing good service. I'm not suprised that you got good service but its great to hear things haven't changed.

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    I was with Wayne when he visited AS . The shop is great , a real drool haven . Will probabley source most of my kit through them . The gutting thing is i just found out my little Brother has an account with them from when he worked at Haven Banks . Prehaps it was a wise move on his behalf to neglegt to tell me that while i was there !! LMAO

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