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    Right then, time to start thinking about the next summer hols! 6 weeks off from July (bloody teachers!). Group size : 4 to 6 one 2 1/2 year old, (family plus a few mates.) Skill levels : Novice through to C1 on alpine ww. St Malo is an hour for us by ferry. Multi Day , self supported, preferably with some interesting stuff (grade 2 -3) but easy portages.

    Yes I know the Ardeche - but wanted to paddle - not walk on plastic.

    Any Ideas ? Maybe the Lake District - hummmm

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    Not trying to put you off the Lakes but with the Ardeche, you're more likely to get good weather.

    May the gentleness of morning, greet your silent passage through endless waters...

    May all your winds be gentle. And for ww - May it rain the night before.

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