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    Default Mad River ??

    I have been offered a Mad river adventure 16 and wondered what people think of them.

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    Nope, sorry no idea at all. Have you asked Mark at White Water Consultancy? He is entirely trustworthy and will give you an hones appraisal of the merits of this or any other boat you are considering.

    Good luck


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    Default Adventure 16

    Helo, I have used the Adventure 16. It is a cheap version of Mad River's usual Canoe's. It all depends what you what the Canoe for, it is not a White Water Canoe.
    It has two seats with fixed back rests and a middle bench seat. The Adventure 16 is a single skin Canoe, light and thin. It has two small foam blocks to keep it afloat.
    It is not my type of Canoe, but it ok for the odd trip as a family boat. The fixed seats do limit the use of the Canoe, i.e tricky for solo paddling or kneeling. This Canoe is also very tricky for any one else to rescue, from another Canoe, due to to sealed bow caps and back rests.
    The above is just my veiw of the Adventure 16, every one has there own opion. John.

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