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    hello everyone, ive come here from bcuk and have been browsing for months now, thought it was about time to dip my feet in (hopefully literally)

    well ive been tempted into getting a canoe, but i am well short of buying new or second hand so ive decided to build. i might get round to it this year, that is if i keep reading the blogg section lol.

    bit about me and my area, i live in warrington near the river mersey, not sure how suitable its lower course is for canoeing though. At the moment i have my eyes set on a canoeing trip to Ireland, its only 20 miles to liverpool from here so catching the ferry over aint to hard, ive been looking at maps of kildare where my dad grew up, its perfect for canoeing you cant go more than a mile or two in any direction withough hitting some sort of waterway.

    well hope to speak to you all soon
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    Hi John,
    Welcome to the site. There's a growing number of us members who live in Ireland and we've been talking about a meet-up at some point (no fixed dates or venue yet). I'm sure you'd be welcome to come over and perhaps even share a canoe. Good luck with your build project.


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    Hi John

    Welcome to Song of the Paddle.

    I am sure you will enjoy making your own canoe, I have heard that there is nothing as satisfying as paddling your own canoe but I have also heard that it is not the cheapest option. So if you are going for a self built to save money it might be worth having another look at the alternatives.

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