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Thread: The Kaamasjoki river(Far north Lapland)

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    Default The Kaamasjoki river(Far north Lapland)

    Lena & I have just got back from Lapland in the Far north of Finland from having a week canoeing down the Kaamasjoki river. A friend of
    ours who lives up near Lake Inari lent us his12� fiberglass Taimen Canoe for the week.We picked up all our
    supplies in Inari and drove to the bridge at Kielajoki where we put in.This river is rocky and so during the summer months becomes extremely shallow in areas so be careful when traveling down it. This was at the end of July and as you can see the river was quite shallow in some places.It is true wilderness though as there are no settlements until Kaamanen village.We were even privaliged to see a few Elk on route,one comming down to the river for a drink. We didn't paddle the whole route into Inari as we decided to get picked up earlier but the route can be done to there and then on into Lake Inari (Finland's 2nd largest lake) where you could spend two weeks paddling round its archipelago system.

    Anyway From Inari you can either drive 24km up the E75 until the road 92 then keep left. Drive another 28km to the bridge over the river Kaamasjoki at Kielojoki. Or you can get the outfitters to drop you there with all your equipment.

    Put in next to the bridge & paddle 225m and you get to a small section of rapids (No name given to them 550m long) Keep left around the island. 550m you get to the next section of rapids.(no name given-500m long)
    1.4km along the river, another shallow rocky stretch of approximately 300m appears.

    Paddle on for 1.6km and you will be joined by the Kaamasjuuha river from the left. 130m from there you arrive at another rapid approximately 550m long.

    Paddle for 3.1km and another set of rapids are upon you.
    (1.15km long- no name given)

    1.3km past the rapids you will come across the Pialdoojuuha River, which joins the Kaamasjoki from the right. 1.7km on you will come to an island in the middle of the river. Paddle either left or right but during the summer this area will be extremely shallow ways.

    Paddle 3.4km along some flat water and the next set of three small rocky rapids are upon you these have some flat water between each section (1.54km long- no name given)

    Paddle 3.25 km and you arrive at the
    (Maaritinkoski rapids- grade( 1) 1st section 433m long) then some flat water then another section which curves around a bend in the river 167m- grade (1) shallow & rocky in the summer months.

    1.22km along another shallow rock section will be upon you called the
    (Kaamasjuuha rapids �grade( 1) - 400m long)

    630 m from that section you arrive at the
    (Kuivakoski rapids grade (1) � 1.64km long) shallow & rocky

    paddle along the river and 5.68km on the left side the Syysjoki joins the Kaamasjoki river.
    Paddle a further 6.26 km to Tuurukuoska and you come to firstly a shallow section then a set of three shallow rocky rapids
    (1.75km long grade (1)

    Pass under the bridge paddle 443m flat water and a small shallow rocky rapid is upon you (grade (1) � 138m long)
    4.5 km along you pass the village of Kaamanen.paddle for 1.8km and you arrive at the flat waters of Vastusjarvi. (KEEP LEFT HERE)
    Paddle 3.4 km to the village of Saamelaisalueen koulutuskeskus.

    Keep right here and follow the Kaamasjoki river1.3km and pass under the bridge.
    Paddle 1.8km from the bridge and you spill out into the flat waters of Muutusjarvi.

    Keep left and you will see a fireplace on the shores of the point,

    paddle S.West along the left shoreline for 9.29km and you will come to a thin section of river 185m long. This will then spill out in to the flat waters of Martinlahti. Paddle S.West for 8.17km to the village of Riutula. This section of water now becomes the Kettujoki river 3km along pass under a bridge.

    Paddle the route for 10.92km and the Matkatjoki joins from the right.
    Paddle a further 2.2km and you spill out in to the flat waters of the Solojarvi lake.

    Keep to the left shoreline and paddle 4km where you arrive at the
    (Juutukoski rapids grade(1) � 250m long)
    This now becomes the Juutuajoki river. Paddle for approximately 1.12 km and you will find a fireplace on the right shoreline.
    From the fireplace paddle 2.6 km and you arrive at the

    (Ritakoski rapids grade(1) � 242m long)
    2.2km along you arrive at the

    (Haapakoski rapids grade (11) � 288m long) you will spill out into some flat water of around 560 m
    where you will arrive at the
    (J�niskoski rapids grade (11) 743m long) you can go either side of the small island. Just at the end of this rapid you will find an open shelter/laavu on the right shoreline.
    425m along you will pass under large pipework and you will come across a set of three rapids
    (Alakoski rapids grade (1)(11) � 1.34km long. Paddle on through under the bridge,Past the village of Inari and you will spill out into Lake Inari. Where you can either get the outfitters to pick you up or you can carry on through to explore Finlands 2nd largest lake.

    LuontoLoma Pro Safaris
    Lapin LuontoLomat Oy
    P.O. Box 30
    99831 SAARISELK�
    tel. +358 (0) 16 668 706
    fax +358 (0) 16 668 950

    - Old Town Discovery 174
    45 �/DAY
    - Sea-kayaks
    40 �/DAY
    Splash covers, watertight containers/bags
    helmets, lifejackets and paddles
    they rent also
    - Fishing equipments
    - Tents
    - Sleeping bags
    - Rubber boots
    - And other camping equipments.


    Fly to Helsinki and get a connecting flight to Inari where the outfitters will pick you up.
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    Default The Kaamasjoki River

    Hi Simon,
    thank you for planning my next summer canoe tour
    regards form Hamburg

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    I'm sitting in my little office, looking longingly through the window at the world. Your office is so much bigger !
    Keep up the good work

    Bacon sarnie anyone ?

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    That looks fab........I'm in need of a real trip and that's gone on the list!!!
    There is pleasure in the pathless woods,
    There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
    There is society, where none intrudes,
    By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
    I love not man the less, but Nature more.

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    Thanks for the extended description. I have added it to my list of rivers to paddle.

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    Excellent, with photos to match. Plenty of information on a beautiful place to paddle.

    May the gentleness of morning, greet your silent passage through endless waters...

    May all your winds be gentle. And for ww - May it rain the night before.

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