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Thread: Windsurf sails for canoes?

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    Default Windsurf sails for canoes?

    Have been looking into making a sail for my canoe for our trip to the Lakes next weekend. Have noticed that you can buy secondhand windsurf sails cheap on Ebay. They seem particulary suitable because they have transparent panels for forward vision. Has anybody tried one? I assume they would need shortening for canoe use.

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    Default wind surfer sail

    I bought two windsurfer sails off ebay, a bargain @ 20 for the two.
    One I cut the top third off one and this is quite handy as a down wind sail using half of my pole as a mast.
    The other two third's is still very big and requires the full pole as a mast. I tried this out on a fairly windy day on Bala Lake and flew down the lake having two lean out of boat to counter balance. The wind was so stong it broke my sailing thwart so now I tend only to use the top third sail.
    I am considering a lee board so I can travel cross wind.
    The other sail is still full size and I am thinking of using it with two boats rafted together but would need a better mast.

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    Default windsurfer sail

    I've bought a windsurfer sail and mast... I intend to build an outrigger for canoe to use with the sail... whenever I get time... Wayne and I are going to sail to the Isle of Wight with it...
    Doug Dew
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    I've had great fun with an ancient 4m2 storm sail on a full length windsurfing mast, cracking along on a broad reach at an impressive speed and could even tack upwind.
    I had to lash diagonal bracing to stop the hull deforming laterallly and eventually it all became too much for my mastfoot/hull adhesion.
    I really think I'd have to bolt it through the hull to be able to cope with the forces from the 3m+ mast (as discussed on a previous thread)

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    Default windsurfer sails

    There are a couple of pictures of Roys sailing rig in a blog, called Whitecaps on Windermere.


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