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    Hi from a new boy on the river.Well not quiet yet. I am looking seriously of getting a canoe. I have sailed for a number of years (A Cornish Coble named Zwaluw). I still have her but times are a changing and I can't tow a caravan and a boat at the same time and I often go to sites beside the water and I yearn to get out on it. This site is great for it's UK based so it's relevant to me. The american sites are wonderfull but its only dream land for me. Some day I get their. I will be paddling on my own as the kids don't like boats and my wife would not be keen on the idea let alone the reality of canoe travel. I'm looking to try a little bit of camping as well. I use a Hennessy Hammock which is great for slinging between river bank trees especially as it has in built "no see um" netting. I,m looking forward to any posts from NI paddlers to help get the lowdown on the NI paddling scene.

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    Welcome to the site. Great to have another paddler on this side of the water.
    I'm not too far from you,(Bangor) and have been trying to generate a bit of interest for a meet for SOTP members over here.
    Have you done any canoeing in the past, or are you a complete beginner? Doesn't matter either way as I'm sure we can arrange to get you out soon.
    Big Al.

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    As Big Al says welcome,

    I'm on the Ards pennisula on the shores of Strangford Lough, more paddlers over here is a good thing, any help etc you need just ask...
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    Hi Daneel,
    Welcome to the site. I'm based in Belfast too and as Big Al says, he's not that far either, nor is Bikenec, and there's more out there also.

    I too thought this was going to be a lonely hobby but then met Big Al, Bikemec and some others - great people!

    Up to this week none of my family had any interest in canoeing - especially my wife - neither canoeing nor camping. We went to Donegal for a week and brought the canoe. We had a fantastic time. My family are now total converts and already my wife wants to go camping and canoeing in Fermanagh! Moral of the story: get them out in good weather, make it fun and I can't see how anybody wouldn't enjoy canoeing. I even had my sister-in-law canoeing and she previously was afraid of water - now also a convert.

    Until your family are converted there's always like-minded people!!

    Take care and enjoy the site.

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    Hi All and thanks for the welcome. Its good to know you are in the area. I sometimes think I am the only person in the world to take up these odd hobbies. Its good to know I am not alone. Thats the power of the internet.


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    Welcome, again

    We are building quite an Irish contingent so you should find plenty of people to go a paddle with.

    I have to agree with Peter's remarks. I had my two daughters out today at Loch Ard and the weather was superb. We went out on the water at 10.30 am and got back to the cars at about 7.45pm. A great time was had by all and on the way home they kept asking me how many other friends I have we can go paddling with (we were with JamesOConnor this time)

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    Big Al, You asked about experence. I was a Scout Leader for a number of years so have attended canoe training courses with the kids and even reached the hights of a BCU 1 Star award. It was about then that I got into sailing and my training in canoes stopped. Anyway that was along time ago so I really regard myself as a newbie.

    regards Daneel

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