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Thread: Last Saturday's Derwent Trip

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    Thumbs up Last Saturday's Derwent Trip

    Matt and David

    Jim and I really enjoyed the paddle yesterday - it's the first time we've had company (and free malt loaf)!

    Did you meet up with Andy coming up stream?

    David - I'm keen to see how you manhandle your boat on and off the car by yourself - my canoing future may depend on it! - I'm in Tad until 28th July so please let me know if you want to squeeze a paddle in - Ouse, Wharfe, Derwent etc.


    Andrew B

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    It was a pleasure to have your company Andy (and Jim!). Glad you made it back though the 'beaver' dam ok! We had a couple of portages to make after you left us. One weir too low to paddle and stamford brisge weir you wouldn't be able to paddle in anything but the highest of flood!

    We met Andy not long after Stamford bridge (you could tell it was him by the shiny boat and masssive 'new toy' grin!) and we had a pleasant float on down to elvington.

    Any news on your other boat yet?
    dog-dirty and loaded for bear.

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    Default derwent

    hi guys
    just to say i enjoyed the trip amd the new toy,
    saw a kingfisher on my way upstream.
    really good to meet merlin and david.
    hope for another trip in the near future
    amdy m

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    Hi guys looks like you had a great trip sorry I missed it but I was doing my 2* with Eric C and his better half.But count me in for the next just need more water.Mike B...

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