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Thread: Hello everyone - Andrew from Tadcaster

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    Smile Hello everyone - Andrew from Tadcaster

    Hi everyone - I'm new to the site - please see my piece on "General" - "Hello Everyone - stolen canoe" so I don't have to write it all out again here! It's a green Coleman Explorer 166 taken from the Wharfe in Tadcaster, N Yorks.

    I live in Tadcaster and am interested in meeting like minded paddlers - I've only been going a year, so am still pretty new.



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    Welcome Andrew.

    Bad news about your canoe but hopefully it will be found or the insurance will be generous .

    Having been paddling for a year probably makes you more than a novice. I have only been paddling for two years myself and many of the members have just started.

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    Hi Andrew the Tad paddler who told you about the site was probably my brother David B.
    I don't know the details about the loss of your canoe but replied to your other thread first then had a thought,if your boat was left unattended bankside the scroats might have pushed your canoe into the Wharfe and left it to its own devices I would be making enquiries all the way down.
    Also print some flyers to staple to trees/telegraph poles offering a reward for information in the meantime we will be looking out for it.Mike B...

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    Hi Andrew. and welcome
    Did a very nice constable tip you off about this us?

    I too am in Tadcaster and my canoe is now double locked after hearing about your loss.
    The local police called round to see me after your boat was nicked.
    Anyway drop me a PM and we can meet up for a chat
    I Started out with nothing! and i still have most of it left.

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