I'm thinking of buying a Wetterlings Scout Axe. It weighs 500g and costs less than 25 delivered. You can read more about my axe quest here.

I don't really want anything heavier than that but lighter is fine. My budget is tight so I'm not looking to spend more than the cost of a new Wetterlings Scout Axe. I do have items I can offer for trade though:

Paramo Trail Shirt: Forest green medium size in very good condition
MSR Titan titanium cookset: 265g for 1.0l and 0.75l pots and a pot lid / frying pan. In very good condition.
Paramo Towel: Bright red so not best used in cow fields!
Petzl Myo XP: This is the new 2008 model which I've only used for a few hours. It's in brand new condition with all original packaging. I've decided I'm going to modify my old one instead of keeping the new one.