I wonder if anyone here has paddled the Somserset Canals ?

It looks possible to make quite a nice loop involving the rivers and canals on a kinda circular trip south of Bridgwater. There are a few things I'd like to know a bit more about:

Being tidal, and tidal off the Bristol Channel, are the rivers completely horridly mucky to access and egress ? (For context, I'm not being unkind here - it's just that I don't think that I've ever seen tidal mud like the stuff that forms on the English side of the Bristol Channel, and I paddle in tidal waters. I don't know what the Welsh side is like - hopefully somewhat better).

Being pretty straight waterways, by and large, and based on my all too frequent drive up and down the M5 over the mere, do the rivers and canals catch the wind like the motorway does, or are they more sheltered ?

What is the river access like - being tidal the water should be ok, but it's the old access question again ...

If this is not a trip anyone has done, I feel a quick e-mail to the BCU rep there coming on ... followed later by an expedition.