I'll be out at the foot of Loch Fyne for the last week in July(going out on the 21st or 22nd - coming back whenever I feel like it). Just thought I'd post in case anyone fancied taking a paddle out.

Got a few wee jobs to do but it'll mainly be a holiday. Plan to get some fishing in, bit of potting maybe, snorkeling and generaly just try to avoid the midgies as much as possible.

If anyone feels like taking a wander out bounce me a PM and I'll send you my phone number and a map. While there will a tent set up I'll likely be wandering with the hammock so may be away from base for a night or two.
We use PMR channel 5 - subchannel 25 and I'll mark on the map the best spots on the loch to try calling from. I say we because there'll be a few pals around for some of the time but they don't bite(not as much as the midgies anyway).