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    Hi , I have popped over from BCUK . I am hopefully going to do a course this month that will take me to level 3 in open canoe , so thought this would be a good place to hang out ! I used to teach kayaking quite a few years ago , but things seem to have changed a lot since then . Playboating has arrived and involves playing in the areas of water we were taught to stay clear off !!
    I am bending the missus ear about getting a canoe (although i am not sure how i will get it on top of my soft top fourtrack !) but have no idea of uk sites that sell them and the kit needed , so if anybody could pm me with links to the relevant it would be very much appreciated.

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    Hello Pumbaa, welcome to SoP.

    A good place to start for links is this thread.
    Hide your wallet first tho'

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    Welcome to Song of the Paddle.

    There is always some way to attach a canoe to your roof, even for a soft top, I am sure so do not let that put you off. As well as the thread MP pointed out you will see looking through the gear section the various suppliers that people have used. I do not know of any ones to avoid so it is a matter of seeing who has the best deal and hopefully the canoe you want in stock.

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