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Thread: Selway Peterborough 14'

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    Default Selway Peterborough 14'

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    Pic's to follow

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    This is a 14 version of our larger Peterborough design but in this case we have gone for a design with 7 planks per side. She still uses the simple stitch and tape method of construction and has seats for 2 crew. Midships depth is 12 1/2 (0.32m) and the tumblehome in her topsides makes her both easy to paddle and very stable.
    LOA 14 (4.27m); Beam 32 1/2 (0.83m); Approx. wht 42 lbs (19kg) in 4mm ply.

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    I've just finished building one of these, but stretched the plans to give me a 15 foot canoe. Weight is approx 21Kgs with the bottom 3 planks (per side) in 5mm and the top 4 in 4mm ply and fully sheathed inside and out, but it is hard work to keep the weight this low.

    The build blogg can be found here:


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