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Thread: Upper Middle Derwent - Strainer

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    On the aforementioned stretch of river, after Grange, just as you exit the last left hand bend, formed by a large shingle-bank river left. A fallen oak, now forms a river wide strainer.

    No easy portage at this point.

    At very low levels, it is possible to haul boat/s under low branches at far river left. However, if there were enough water for a run. The boughs & branches of trees on the opposite bank, would complete the strainer. Believe me, when I say, you wouldn't want to go river right. You'd make it past the base of the tree, straight into a washing machine of broken branch and half sunken bough. (I reckon on three people armed with saws and half a day, could safely clear a river left path of maybe a half width. But if/when this could take place, I have not a clue. It would have to be done at very low water levels. And even if done, the strainer coming from river right, meets the exit shoulder of the shingle bank, at it's highest point. So the flow would be pushing sideways toward the strainer) Gone are the days, when the Upper Middle Derwent was a an easy intro to ww, me thinks. Unless you plan to take-out at Grange.

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