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Thread: Cauldon/Uttoxeter Canal Part 1

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    Default Cauldon/Uttoxeter Canal Part 1

    Map of the Cauldon Canal

    When you enter the Uttoxeter Canal at Froghall you will immediately find yourself in a wilderness. The Staffordshire Moorlands is a forgotten yet most beautiful part of England.

    There are two defined circuits for travelling up the canal and down the R. Churnet or visa versa.

    My favourite is to start at Consall Forge and travel down the river where there are decent grades of white water to level 3 on a small waterfall, but only after decent rain.

    This level of adventure is not for every one and not me these days. However the in between stage is most enjoyable.

    When entering the canal section you a greeted by a very clean canal that is not only fed by the River Churnet but the river Churnet forms part of its journey. There are also a multitude of small streams and springs constantly flowing in.

    Once on the canal you could anywhere, surrounded by its abundance of flora and fauna which is supported by the Churnet Valley and its forestation. The views in the valley are outstanding and the canal traffic is very minimal and many days day can be spent paddling without meeting another soul.

    Back at Consall Forge you arrive adjacent to the Black Lion for a decent sandwich and respectable pint. Sat outside this in of repute is a great way to finish the day.
    For those who wild camp there is an unwritten acceptance that overnight stopovers for one or two on the canal side and in the trees will be accepted without colourful tents and alike.
    (Check with Canal Voyageur local paddle guide)

    Canal entry at Froghall

    A short tunnel once underway

    There is a Treat.
    Following the canal and river is the Cheddleton Railway with steam trains running along side and runs for the next stretch of canal/river

    Stage 2 to follow
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    Default This ones for me!

    Now theres one for the books, only 50 odd miles from home. Where is the best place to leave your car for this trip?

    The white water

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    Looks great - I'd love to paddle a lot of the English/Welsh canal network. Too much watching Waterworld on Discovery Realtime I expect.
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    Default River canal Loop

    This round trip used to be our New Years Day paddle, to get all the way round there has to be a lot of water in the river, which makes the fall about grade 3.

    I used to live in Leek and was a member of Potteries Paddlers, this was an annual meet for them.

    I have done it several times, up the canal then back down the river, often breaking the ice on the canal on the way up.

    I have only paddled it in a Kayak, one year a member tried the river in his open with his girlfriend as bow paddler.

    At the falls there was enough water for the kayaks but the open scraped down the first bit only to get stuck on the ledge tipping them into the water.

    Well done Will and Kathy for trying though.

    Apart from Steve Red Beard are there any other Potteries Paddlers on the site?


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