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    Default Mohawk Probe 11

    Makers Spec

    Length 11’8”,
    Beam @ gunwale 28”,
    Beam @ 4” waterline 27.75”,
    Approx weight 45lbs,
    Rocker 4.5”

    Makers Write Up

    The Mohawk Probe 11 is our shortest version of the Probe series. It has all of the characteristics of the longer Probes, like lots of flare in the sides for great secondary stability, rounded chines for easy side surfing, PLUS high volume ends. Smaller paddlers like the Mohawk Probe 11's light-weight. While larger paddlers will find the Mohawk Probe 11 takes more skill to paddle, but they like the Mohawk Probe 11's added responsiveness, small-size and added challenge.
    The Mohawk Probe 11 - Right ON the Edge!!

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    Default My Little Purple Boat ...

    Ok - I have taken ownership of a purple one of these and up until this weekend had only paddled it on gentle water. But this weekend I took it to North Wales and paddled the Llugwy and the Lower Tryweryn with two mates in kks. I am very happy with it. It turns really well and once I'd worked out how to achieve the "power" I was able to make most of the eddies the kks where making, so I was very happy. It spins well and edges beautifully. The secondary stability is great - you'll have to go a long way over to feel unstable!
    It's a very dry boat (when I got the lines right) and also very forgiving for me. Full of water it felt like a brick, but I was still able to make the necessary eddie and it didn't wobble too much.
    The outfitting is "interesting", with a thigh strap across both legs and foot rests. To obtain any kind of power this needs to fit right. By the end of today I think I was making better use of the straps and really pushing the boat forward (and backward when necessary). Time will tell whether these straps really work ... and I wouldn't mind seeing whether rolling would be possible ... although I need to learn this skill in an OC1 first

    All in all and lovely boat to paddle and just what I wanted - I used to have a Quake, which was very very stable, but slow and heavy. The Probe 11 is longer, so faster and still relatively stable, with great secondary stability. It turns fast and is certainly playful. I am looking forward to more trips on grade 2/3 ... and next time at the Lower T I will run Bala Mill Falls, as I think my Probe will look after me no problem
    ... pictures to follow once I get them off the various people who took them!

    .. no the picture you see of me in the corner in a purple boat is not a Probe but a Zoom ... when trialling them a long time ago - the Zoom is much much less stable and definitely not for me!
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