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Thread: Valkyrie 16' Cedar and Canvas

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    Default Valkyrie 16' Cedar and Canvas

    Makers Spec

    Pic to follow

    Makers Write Up

    This canoe is designed to be an all-rounder. It is fitted out as a tandem canoe but handles well as a solo boat.
    Designed with a slight rocker, a moderate hull curvature and low fore and aft profiles it handles well. It has excellent manoeuvrability, holds a line well and has ample space for gear.
    The hull is naturally buoyant and therefore has no fitted buoyancy leaving the fore and aft open to view in the traditional style. Depending on preference, seats may be either solid wood, cane or woven webbing.
    The boat features a number of special details including brass rubbing bands and French oak carry handles
    The boat comes with tender lines lines.

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    Default Cedar & canvas prospector

    The red cedar and canvas canoe on the Valkyrie website is my wife's! It was a very special present for a significant birthday. After searching the net for any UK based canoe makers who might have made cedar and canvas canoes (and failed) and having dismissed the idea of importing one due to cost, I approached John in the late spring of 2007 to see if he might be able to make one (having been impressed with his cedar strip boats). After a lot of umming and aahhing and searching for plans, advice etc he agreed to have a go and started the project in August 2007.

    After a couple of false starts and an awful lot of time and hard work on his part, in March last year he delivered an absolutely stunning looking craft, which not only looks good but paddles really well too - it's a great credit to John's skills as a boatbuilder, as well as his perseverence. Anyway, the experience clearly wasn't too off putting since he's now added cedar and canvas to his range of craft - I hope he gets many more orders

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    Updated information on the 16' Cedar and Canvas open canoe.

    Model name is 'Shearwater' 16
    Valkyrie Craft: Canoes and Classic Boats

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