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Thread: Frilly and Dangerous say "Hello"

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    Default Frilly and Dangerous say "Hello"

    Hiya and pleased to meet you.

    Frilly and I first went 2-up in an open canoe three years ago. For us, paddling brings access to Better Picnic Sites, and we can see great potential for boat-assisted wild camping ...

    We are short of storage space at home (2 teenagers and us in a tenement flat) so we own inflatables - a Grabner XR Trekking for us, and inflatable kayaks (Grabner Holidays) for the kids if/when they deign to come with us.
    Based in Edinburgh we have done our learning (so far) on the Union Canal, the Whiteadder reservoir, bits of the Tweed, and the estuary at Tyninghame (when the tide is right). Last summer we managed a bit of boat-assisted wild camping on the far side of Loch Morar, which was just grand!

    This summer we have a holiday base on Loch Ken (south end) - so would appreciate any local knowledge. Also starting to think about a trip to Sweden (Varmland or Dalsland perhaps) - anyone got any Words of Wisdom?

    Great to find the site - seems to meet our needs very well. Full of useful and tantalising info. Would love to join you at Loch Achray this w/end, but alas, it ain't going to happen - Next time, perhaps ...

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    Welcome to Song of the Paddle. Glad you got in eventually. There are a few people with inflatable canoes here so you are not alone. Also a couple of our members from Edinburgh have a Pakboat so that is another option for you when storage is tight.

    It is a shame you could not make it to Loch Achray but I am sure there will be plenty of other meetings you can come along too.

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    Welcome aboard!

    No words of wisdom concerning Sweden, but it certainly sounds like an exciting prospect.
    The perfect canoe -
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