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    hi,i have just taken up canoeing about six weeks ago and have been to mainly lochs around crianlarich and castle semple loch,but was wanting to try going from aldochhay at luss to see the islands and wallabees and was wondering whats the best way to go and is it quite calm waters

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    I am guessing you will have seen this page

    Leaving from the car parking bay at Aldochay is the best bet but it can be busy. It is best if the wind is light but because of the way the islands there is nearly always possible to paddle into the straits one way or another.

    The wind is usually coming from the north so going south and round the bottom of Inchtavannach is usually the easiest route. Of course going north round the island is also a safe route in that the wind will tend to blow you to the island if you get into trouble. Once you get into the straits it is almost always calm, certainly calmer than the conditions on the open loch. Once there there should be no problem getting onto Inchconnochan to see the wallabies.

    Let us know when you are thinking of going. If I am available I would be glad to meet you.

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    It's a lovely paddle, although pretty busy with the summer boat crowd at weekends just now - as I paddled into the straits on the 4th (sunny Sunday) I could see 21 motorised boats anchored in the wee bays. A week-day evening paddle is a good idea at the moment as this will be a bit less busy (hence more chance of seeing wallabies). As locals Stuart Blink and I would also be more than happy to join you/help out with parking if Aldochlay is full (not usually a problem mid-week). Just send me a PM if you want.
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