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Thread: Petition for access in Wales

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    Default Petition for access in Wales

    I have been sent a link to a petition to gain the same access rights in Wales as we have in Scotland. I have added it to our links thread but thought it is also worth a thread of its own.

    I cannot imagine there are any of us who think this is not a worths cause. Whether it will help or not is another matter but adding your name to the petition should do no harm and may do a lot of good.

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    Thanks for the link John.
    A worthy cause indeed.
    Big Al.

    Only when the last tree has died
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    Are you sure that this is not a political issue John?

    Support it anyway................I have nasty memories of bandit runs and assaults back in the kayaking days of yore...............and nothing has changed since then.
    If it wasn't for the rain in our lives there would be no rivers. X 2

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