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Bob Andrews

A paddle on the afon taf (west wales)

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Magic Rat had suggested a trip on the Taf as he and Nigel had not paddled this before.

It had been some time since I had paddled this river and with a good but cold forecast it was good to get out.

I packed the car the night before hoping that Sunday morning would not find me digging the car out of snow!

We met at the St Clears Boat Club in Lower St Clears with the tide just reaching its maximum. Rohan and Nigel sorted out the shuttle whilst I looked after Bonnie.

This river does drain fairly quickly and egress can be a problem if you dawdle. However there is a path along the river which runs below Laugharne Castle and a steep road which runs up to the time share complex.

The weather was perfect with not a breath of wind and on occasion we came across some ice flows.

We had a quick coffee break on river right on an obvious slipway which led to an old clubhouse. The water was dropping as we watched. We set off again and we were soon paddling under the famous Dylan Thomas Boat House and his shed where it is alleged he wrote some of his work when not nursing a hangover from Browns public house!

Rohan found the entrance to the small river which runs into the bay and we were able to paddle all the way to the cars - but we did have luck on our side and there had been a high tide.

This was a short trip but well worth it. My tick list contains a trip down the Taf, an overnight and then paddle along the coast and back up to Carmarthen on a rising tide on the Afon Tywi.