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No Idea

But...But...But...I wanna go boatin!..October 2014 Happy with that O5

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Now Ive got a chance to look at it in the water....

Its leaking through in front of the centerboard case.

Its not structural, so some rapidly chewed chewing gum and the seepage stopped.

So....Now hes stopped hopping from one foot to the other in impatience...

I get to take more pics as he sails off past hamworthy Park.

I was sitting on the pier where I photographed the canoes that came down a while ago as he came into view..

Its looking ok, so Ive just yelled for him to carry on past.

That boat is looking pretty.

Gotta go. Next bit when I return...


  1. Billh's Avatar
    Nice, the sense of achievement he must have from that should be amazing. You must be one proud dad.