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No Idea

But...But...But...I wanna go boatin!..October 2014 Happy with that O2

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Its a mankey sort of a day.

Looks like its going to rain, but cant quite get the energy for it.

There is a steady breeze of about 10 mph from the South, which if he has a problem, should dump him gently on a beach.

Last time we arrived here, he decided it wasnt right, and did not launch.

I wanted to bash him for being a pain.

However, hes the captain of his boat and he alone must make the decisions as his is the ultimate responsibility once he casts off.

Gut feelings arnt something I feel can be safely ignored.

Even if...


Another day and time today...

Hes looked at the water, which looks somewhat rougher to my jaundiced eye...

Its off its trailer.

Big got the job of rigging it as Little suddenly needed the toilet.

Funny things nerves.

Big Seems to think hes going to drown

or get eaten by man eating minnows or something.

Ive had a careful look at it while he was in the toilet.

All my boxes are ticked.

If hes happy, Im happy.

Time to push him in.

I held it until he was happy with his setup, then let go.

Its sailed off the beach!

I wanna go!