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No Idea

But...But...But...I wanna go boatin!..October 2014 Happy with that O1

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I left a pile of Marine Ply on my bench and waited for several days before Little Idea found it and started begging.

Eventually, when he decided he wanted to build a Mirror Derivative boat out of it, I "relented" and agreed he could have it if he kept his room tidy for a whole week.

He marked out, joined the lengths but didnt tape the hull together before walking away for a whole year.

Nearly ended up strangling him with my impatience.


He returned to it and started stitching the hull together.

It took forever.

Some of his Ideas were off the wall.

Jury is still out over the fitting of wheels into the hull so he can drag it straight up any beach.

Although the anchor pole hole was a success.

Some of the build quality was so high that I actually suggested he put up signs banning entry to water through any of the holes in it.

That went several feet over his head.

Agreement was reached about filling the tanks with bottles so that I could sleep confident that it wouldnt sink under him.

Looking at it with a critical eye, I cant see any reason to believe it will suddenly sink and drown him....


Hes going to try sailing it tomorrow...


  1. Billh's Avatar
    Can't wait, I'm sure it will be a resounding success.