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Back in the saddle, well thwart if you haven't got a spec boat..

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I did a bit of flat water stuff over the summer, realised how unfit I was so popped back to my old canoe club and just paddled up and down, up and down (repeat as necessary until breathless and knackered) every Tuesday night in any boat available to try and get some fitness back.

Every now and then my husband was like fancy a paddle I will look after babe.. but (to my shame) I would always have a really good reason (excuse) not to go, so in the end he just booked me on one of my club trips and made me go..

In truth I really really wanted to go, but I was scared I would have forgotten everything therefore didn't want to make an ar*e out of myself in front of other people and more importantly none of my decent, lovely, warm paddling kit fit anymore .

So sporting a retro combination of old paddling kit that I found loafing around the house, very early 90's (apart from a very nice new palm touring cag, which is tight enough now it should still fit when I get fit) I trogged off the Dartmoor to see how much I had forgot.

Muscle memory pah Its all about timing

I was honestly surprised it wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been... everything was there (well sort of) but I had lost my mojo...

My brain knew what it should have been doing, my body knew (between its complaining) but the communication between the two had gone. Everything seemed to happen a little too late, eddies missed, breakouts after drops floated by as I umm and arred whether I could nail it.. I did seep some confidence over the trip as the more I missed the more I questioned whether I could nail it.

I walked one section of the dart as I thought I just couldn't make the line.. kicked my self afterwards, but in hindsight I this was a confidence gaining trip and if I had completely messed it up, as I know from a bitter experience, it might of left my confidence even more waining, but I have got over the first major hurdle, just got to do more now..

Babysitter (husband) owes me lots of paddling babycare, so no excuses now.


  1. MagiKelly's Avatar
    I can remember going back into a squash court after a few years layoff. I nearly killed myself as my brain could remember exactly what to do but was not accounting for the fact my body was not able. Boy did that hurt.
  2. TGB's Avatar
    I want to climb, I need to climb but alas my body doesn't work the way it's supposed to. I fear that I may climb only the stairs of time and my climbing feats are behind me. I'll never be able to climb at the grade I once did, now my body is trying to kill me. But oh to be back on the crags, just a pair of rock boots and a chaulk bag. With my saddles tied round my waist. No rope to bind me to any given route, only technique & muscle to prevent that final fall. So I know I'll climb again one day and maybe some more after that. And if I only climb the easy stuff, that will be enough.

    Oh to be back on the crags agains...

    If you love what you do, you'll find a way back and maybe enjoy it all the more.

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