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Just notice my last post was over 2 years ago

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I'm laid up with another bad cold, and don't have a hughe list of things to do when laying here so had a hunt around the site, I realised that I'd left a lot open ended from my last post.

I'd been trying to find out more about the fishing around the loch, I've met some really nice people and angling groups, (leaving out the morales of fishing) they do care leave the place clean when their finished, but I've met some others too, and some I'd like to meet.

A constant around the loch is rubbish, not just fishing related, but in some areas I keep finding bait bags, old line fire pits, and rarely tents etc...I started doing regular round cleaning these up, when I discovered a line tied to a tree, I pulled it in about 50 meters of line with numerous baited hooks, a hunt around and I found another. I took them back to the centre and informed the Rangers. Over the next few weeks I found more of these mainly based around two areas. I had spoken with a group of anglers which were hanging around those spots of course they thought this was disgusting and woud never do it, but they had chopped down live plants and lit fires on previously good grass.

One of these groups were of asian appearence the other was eastern european, I had heard from 'local' anglers that eastern europeans had been coming down and taking all the fishfrom the loch never had permits etc... again something I with help looked into. the easter european group I met Had bought permits unfortunately for the loch across the road! My boss and a senior ranger took a walk along one bank and spoke to all the fishermen. There were about 20 in total, if my memory serves me right 14 Scots 6 non Scots, 1 was a local club member so his permit was with his membership, 13 didn't have permits 5 did and one was returning to the centre after dropping his gear to buy one. Err so by the time we left all 6 non Scots had permits.....

Even our rangers don't have the power to enforce the permits they need to call a baliff from the council

Whilst I was collecting the hand lines left out overnight I discovered two things when they are collected the line it's self is junked and left lying and the hooks leaders etc reused, this line got caught around one swan we managed to get it un wrapped no hooks involved, but later we got reports of a swan in trouble with lines in it's legs, this was a poorly swan I was able to walk up behind it in about 18" of water and lift it. we took it to Hesselhead rescue centre where after surgery it recovered. A month or so later a second swan had some wrapped around it's neck but it wandered into our yard so an easy capture.

after about three months of me stealing lines they stopped being placed I think I was costing them too much in lost gear.

We also had a frightening incident for me, Buzz a lively collie that we know the owner of came along with a fishing lure through it's cheek, a bright yellow lure about 4" long with 3 trebble hooks, two of th trebbels were pulling against each other I managed to cut one with my leathermans which lesened the pain then the owner rushed him to the emergency vet agin he recovered well. His owner said the lure was discarded in long grass and thinks Buzz thought it was a ball

This may sound like a list of anti angler but it's just anti thoughtless people well after this rather down beat post I'll psot a better one next time hopefully sooner than 2 1/2 years