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Full tang knife build along part 5

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so as we left it all the roughing out was done, plenty big scratches left by the 80 grade paper.

now time to do the same, top, bottom, left side, right side, butt and go through all the grades. This is the first pass down to about 600, still some scratches on the side beside the bolt, these are hard to see until you get to about 600, I go back to about 240 or 400 and remove them before going any further

and some lovely imperfections in the burr coming out. (you get this with wood, really hard to get a perfect piece!) but wood is a natural material, blah de blah!

eventually is should get like this after going down all the grades and getting the right finish. These were taken after going to 1200 grit and then a little polish on the buffing wheel. A wee splash of danish oil left to soak for a while then get buffing with a soft cloth.

Chuck in a homemade leather sheath, GID lanyard and a 5 sharpening kit to make it shaving sharp and yer done!


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  1. MagiKelly's Avatar
    Looks good. I've managed to avoid knife making as i have too many hobbies already.

    You confused me at the start as I thought you were doing this at the hotel but I now figure you are just posting the blogg from there.
  2. Willag_mac's Avatar
    Alan this is Beautiful,
    you never said how long it took you?