• Home made B&Q portage trolley (with pictures)

    Inspired by comments on here about a home made portage trolley(http://www.songofthepaddle.co.uk/for...memade-Trolley), I nipped down to B&Q and picked up one of their Sack Trolleys for 21.98. Half an hours work, a free length of pipe insulation (from a mate) and a bit of gaffer tape (poundshop) later and I have something that could have cost me nearly 50.

    Purchase one B&Q Sack trolley - with pneumatic tyres - 21.98

    Using an angle grinder, chop off the handles, just above the axle supports:

    Next chop through and remove the base plate:

    Make sure you clean up the cut metal to remove the swarf and sharp bits:

    Take a length of pipe insulation and a roll of duct tape:

    Using a knife, fashion the pipe insulation to fit:

    Using the duct tape - tape the pipe insulation securely into place:

    Attach to canoe with a couple of load straps:
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