• How to make energy cookies

    Well, this is really all you need:

    Syrup, sugar, oats and cream.

    1 equivalent of sirup, 1 equivalent of sugar and 1 equivalent of cream are stirred together in pot. Heat it up til it starts boiling then it shall boil until...

    You can pour some of this boiling liquid

    into a glass of cold water and then roll it into a ball.

    Then 7-8 equivalents of oats are about to be made into a dough mixture by using the hot toffee mass as a cohesive agent. 1 equivalent can be any volume unit, for example a cup, a deciliter, a pint etc. Syrup: sugar: cream: oats - 1:1:1:7(or 8) equivalents.

    If you want to, you can add extra ingredients. For example peanuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, sunrose seeds and chocolate. This might demand more cohesive agent. I dubbled the amount in order to melt this nut mixture into the oat-toffee dough.

    This instrument was used for the process of chocolate flavouring the nutty mixture.

    Chocolate added:

    So, oats and chocolate flavoured nuts are mixed together and hot toffee are poured over. Stir this sweet tough dough with a firm hand. After that, form the cookies into an apropriate shape.

    Energy cookies in a 2l ice cream box, weighing in at 1 kg.

    Then you go canoeing.

    If you're lazy, bring energy cookies. 2 cookies = 1 oatmeal plus toffee and a handfull of nuts.

    If you don't need them that much, then go canoeing again. Eventually, there'll be no left-overs.

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