• Fitting New skid plates

    I'm sure this has been done before but I stuck new skid plates on my boat this afternoon and I thought someone might be interested.

    I bought a kit from Outdoor Active which contained just about everything you need. It was a Wenonah kit. The only issue was that the mixing pot provided was smaller than the tin of epoxy resin.

    I located the dry Kevlar skidplate onto the boat and drew round it with a pencil.

    I masked off the area, starting with a strip of masking tape between half and one inch out from the pencil line. It is best if you can keep this a constant distance.

    The picture reveals why the skid plate has become necessary.

    Short lengths and a bit of care will give you a curved line.

    Next I applied newspaper to cover the area surrounding the masking tape, this will prevent spillage onto the boat generally and protect from runs.

    The observant amongst you will notice I am using the Times. This is to try to retain some form of elitism. Is it working?

    Next I sand the area inside the pencil line. I used a circular action to try to roughen the surface and to avoid making the scratching worse.

    The exposed area is then wiped with meths or alcohol to remove grease and allowed to dry.

    Now comes the messy bit. The kit has pre-measured resin and hardener which i emptied into a plastic container and stirred. The instructions say I have 10-15 minutes before the stuff starts to harden but although it starts to get tacky at this point, it is still workable.

    The felts are laid out on a sheet of cardboard and the resin mixture poured and spread. turn them over and more resin to make sure they are saturated. then place them in position inside the pencil lines. Smooth them out with a stiff brush to make sure you have got rid of any bubbles/areas not in contact with the boat.

    Brush more resin over the felt and to the boat between the felt and the masking. You will get a few runs at this stage which you can wipe off but the hardening process is an exothermic reaction which warms the resin and seems to result in more runs as time goes by.

    If the runs get onto the boat, they can be simply wipes off but keep an eye on it for about 40 minutes after which time the resin will be stiffer.

    After about an hour, the resin will be dry to the touch and you can remove the masking. The reason I do this at this time is because it is easier to remove than if you leave it until the resin has hardened the following day. Hopefully when the tape is removed, you will have a neat job which will not detract too much from your boat.

    Just one more point. Some people use waxed paper or cling film wrapping to give a smooth finish to the felt which can be a bit rough without. I didn't do this, it is a preference issue.

    More D rings tomorrow.
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