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    Listed below are some books that will help you learn more about using and enjoying an open canoe.

    Canoe Books

    Song of the Paddle

    Song of the Paddle; An Illustrated Guide to Wilderness Camping by Bill Mason
    This book is one that should be in everyone's library. Not only is it choc full of useful information but it is extremely inspirational. Reading this will have you reaching for your paddle. If you do not yet have an open canoe you will suddenly find yourself pricing them.

    Path of the Paddle

    Path of the Paddle; An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Canoeing by Bill Mason
    Again by Bill Mason the inspirational granddaddy of all open canoeists. This book is more focused on canoe technique than the Song but never the less almost as inspirational.

    Paddle Your Own Canoe

    Paddle your own Canoe by Gary & Joannie McGuffin
    Quite similar in format to the Path of the Paddle but with a more modern fel to it. Good clear pictures. Between this and the Path of the Paddle you should have access to every technique you could need.

    Cradle to Canoe

    Canoe to Cradle; Camping and Canoeing with Children, By Rolf & Debra Kraiker
    An excellent book if you are considering canoe camping with children and still an excellent book if you just want to go canoe camping without children See a more complete review HERE

    Other Books

    Wilderness First Aid

    Wilderness First Aid. A comprehensive book covering every type of injury you are likely to ever encounter in a lifetime of outdoor pursuits. Hopefully you will never need any of the information in this book but it is always better to know what to do but not need to rather than need to and not know it. The content is written with a north American market in mind but does not suffer much for that.
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