• Refurbishing a cane canoe seat.

    You may remember a few years ago I created a 'How to make a woven seat tutorial' when I made a centre seat for our two boys in our Bell Prospector.

    Well that was six years ago and at the time I noticed that my bow seat had some damage and would at some point require repairing too. The following year we upgraded to a 17' Swift so the Bell really only got used for solo paddles and the seat didn't really degenerate much further.

    Jump forward another four years and now the boys are big enough to paddle tandem with either mum or dad and this year was the first year we have taken two canoes on our family expeditions. As a result the Bell seat weave has become a massive hole and desperately needed repair. So here we go again with another seat tutorial, this time a repair taking a mass produced clamped woven sheet and replacing it with a properly woven one.

    First job. - Remove the wedge from the damaged seat.

    Clean out the slot and mark out and drill holes for new cane.

    Holes now drilled. I decided to refit the seat the other way up so that the slot was not visible and I could hide the cane loops and knots to give a smooth finish underneath. You may notice that a new chamfered front edge has been added at this stage.

    Now it's time to add the cane. Two strands across the seat for each set of holes.

    Now it's time to start the for-aft weaves using my home made giant needle.

    A few weaves in and you can see a pattern emerging. This was repeated giving a further two strands between each set of holes in the for-aft direction.

    Horizontal and vertical weaves complete, now on to the diagonals.

    One diagonal pass complete.

    And then the other.

    All loose ends were tied off in the slot on the underside and.............

    After an oiling it was refitted to the canoe.

    I hope this is useful to someone who may also be thinking about refurbishing a seat. I didn't put two much detail in this tutorial as I covered more of that in my previous one. It's quite a simple task really but can take some time.

    Just a word of warning, do not make the horizontal and vertical weaves too tight or when you come to do the diagonals the weaving will get quite difficult. Every time you pass the cane over or under a previous cane you gradually tighten up the strands and by the time you start the diagonals it is tightened up nicely.
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