• Pyramid SafeHydrate Water Filter Bottle review

    Pyramid SafeHydrate Water Filter Bottle review

    Back in January I got a chance to attend an outdoor retailers trade show. When I was there I got chatting with the people on the Pyramid stand. Pyramid specialise in insect repellent, insect netting and water treatment. Back in the day they were the company who manufactured the group buy hammock insect nets.

    Two products on their stand really interested me and they sent me samples to try out and review if I wanted. Iím not getting paid for this but do get to keep the samples, which I could choose to review or not. Clearly Iím choosing to review them. If youíve read any of my reviews before youíll probably have correctly guessed it is because I like them. I rarely review things I donít like.

    Moving on. The SafeHydrate filter bottle has lots of technical info you can read here, https://www.pyramidtravelshop.co.uk/...ttle-307-p.asp The really short description is you scoop water into the bottle, put the cap on and drink through the tube which draws the water through a filter and makes it ďsafeĒ.

    Digging into the technical parts will show it removes 99.9999% of bacteria, a similar percentage of protozoan cysts as well as reducing chlorine and other harmful chemicals. There is no mention of viruses which are generally too small to get caught by filters but also are far less of an issue in river and loch water, especially in the UK.

    As far as the technical details go I really have to just trust that all this is true. Pyramid is a big company and these bottles have been certified by various bodies with far better technical resources than me. Iíve just drunk out of it and not got ill.

    Iíve tested various water filters in the past and while Iíve been confident that they work they have always been too much of a faff. Also usually bulky and need careful handling to avoid contaminating the clean parts. In my use case it has always been easier to carry a couple of litres of clean water then boil water on the fire when camp is set up.

    This bottle and the new filter bottles like it are really game changers in my view. It really is as simple as scooping water into the bottle from the loch or river you are paddling on, screwing on the lid and drinking. It is so simple it feels like cheating.

    The bottle will treat somewhere between 400 and 500 litres. the figure varies a bit depending what you read. Also it will fail safe. As the filter clogs the water stops coming through. Water that gets through the filter is clean so you never have to worry that it has got past its working life and is letting you drink unfiltered water.

    When drinking from the bottle it helps to squeeze the bottle so you donít need to suck so hard. It is not very difficult to drink from the bottle but obviously takes more effort than just drinking through a straw.

    Despite the impressive technical specifications of the filter I still make a point of finding the clearest water I can. It may be able to filter dirty muddle puddle water but unless its an emergency Iím going for clear loch water or a fast flowing stream or burn.

    I only have a couple of negatives about the SafeHydrate bottle. Very minor is the cap on the one I have clips shut but just not quite as securely as Iíd like. Given this protects the clean part of the bottle Iíd like a really secure catch to it. Mine may be a particularly loose one though and it has never opened without me actually opening it manually.

    Also according to the instructions you can store it wet for up to 30 days but for longer than that you should let the filter dry out. I left the filter out to dry for a few days but I could still hear water in it when I shook it. After a week I blew through it and quite a bit of water came out. I suspect you should probably low through it to get as much water out as possible and leave it somewhere warm to dry but this was not made clear in the instructions. For something protecting me from bacteria I want really clear constructions about what I need to do or donít need to do to keep me safe.

    Another thing that could be a negative but is really just something to get used to is you do not tip the bottle to drink. You keep it vertical as the filter reaches down to the bottom of the bottle. If you tip the bottle you are sucking air. You just need to adapt to this and when you do it is not a problem. Iíve just had decades of muscle memory I need to fight against to stop me tipping the bottle to drink out of it.

    As Iíve already said I really like using this bottle. It immediately improved my camping experience. From reducing the amount of clean water to not drinking smoky tasting water from the fire it was a clear an instant improvement. I can see me even taking this bottle on holiday with me just as an extra insurance when drinking water abroad. Iím guessing too that if I am drinking clean water through it the filter will not be getting clogged and it will have a longer lifespan. I even think the price seems reasonable. Certainly in perspective it is a tiny fraction of the cost bottled water would cost you.
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