• The Nebo Lil, Big & Big Larry Pro Reviews. My favourite torches by far.

    The Lil, Big & Big Larry Pro Reviews.

    There are a few reviews in the past where I am really confident people will love the item. The sort of reviews where the whole thing could just be, ďtrust me, itís great, get oneĒ. The Muck Boot reviews fell into that category. They were a product I thought pretty much everyone would love and get value from. Well today I get to do a review of another product I feel the same about. Iíve been raving to people about this for about a year now so time to do an official review of the latest offering. So brace your wallet we are going in.

    This is really going to be a review of the Big Larry Pro the latest iteration of the Larry torches. Along the way we will cover the features and discuss the Lil Larry and Big Larry torches that preceded it and the differences.

    So what is the Big Larry Pro? Itís a handheld rechargeable work light. It has a variable white light, a variable red light and a flashing red light option. Iím going to cover some detail so you can skip to the summary if you want or you could just go buy one now

    This is how it looks in the box when it arrives.

    In the hand it looks like this,

    So far so good. Of course because it is rechargeable it comes with a charging cable, helpfully it also comes with a charging dock with a micro USB cable to connect to it. Both of these are powered from any USB charger or power bank (not supplied). Both also attach magnetically although with the dock this is not really vital.

    Of course what people always want to know first about a torch is how bright is it, very! It says 500 lumens on the box and I have no reason to doubt this. The light is a COB LED. COB stands for Chip On Board. Basically the LEDs are directly on the board so they seem more like a strip light but with the instant on and daylight colour temperature of LEDs. The light from the torch is very even. It has no hotspot and is pretty much daylight balanced.

    This makes sense for a work light, the intended use of the Larry but is useful for us outdoor people too. For the last two winters the Big Larry was my sole running light. I go running with the dogs round the trails three mornings a week. We head out at 6.30am to the nearby woodland far from the nearest streetlights. The Big Larry casts an even light with about a 180 degree spread. it is plenty bright, even on low to see the rocks and obstructions on the path and because of the wide spread of the light you donít get that distracting bobbing circle of light you do with a head torch that makes you feel like you are running in a tunnel. Itís also weather resistant, handy in Scottish weather.

    Before we go any further lets introduce the Lil Larry and Big Larry, show the differences in features etc so we can start to go into some detail. Below we have the Lil Larry on the left, the Big Larry in the middle and the Big Larry Pro on the right. The Big Larry Pro is only marginally, very marginally, bigger than the Big Larry.

    The Lil Larry and the Big Larry Pro both have clips. the Lil has a spring pocket clip and the Pro has a large clip that slides in and out but is not spring loaded so does not grip whatever it is clipped to tightly.

    The Lil uses 3 AAA batteries. It comes with 3 Nebo batteries installed. I replaced these with rechargeable batteries. The Big Larry takes 3 AA batteries. This comes with 3 AA Nebo batteries installed for testing and 3 Duracell batteries for use after that. Great value considering I picked mine up for about £10. Iíve also replaced these batteries with rechargeable ones.

    The Pro comes with a standard 18650 rechargeable battery. This means not only have you the option of charging the torch at home on the dock., in the field from a battery bank using the cable but you can also just carry spare batteries to swap over instantly and charge up the flat battery later or in a stand alone charger. The other advantage of this over torches with a proprietary battery or sealed in battery is that when the initial battery is not working at its best you can just replace it cheaply and not have to replace the whole torch.

    All the torches have a magnetic base that will hold them horizontally or hanging vertically. The Lil Larry can easily be dislodged but the two big options attach pretty securely. Handy for sticking to the car roof when loading a canoe, for example.

    Here we see the torches on the white light setting.

    And with the red light. NOTE, the Big Larry and Lil Larry only have the flashing red option, not the constant red option. The picture below is a little misleading but you canít show a flashing light in a still picture.

    The option of having a constant red light is a big advantage of the Big Larry Pro. Better still by holding the power button for a couple of seconds the Big Larry Pro comes on in constant red light mode. This is ideal when you want to preserve your night vision or just not disturb others around you too much.

    The Big Larry and Lil Larry have a high and low white light mode. The Big Larry Pro has a variable brightness option for both the white and red light that is incrementally variable. You can programme the light to come on at a pre set level rather than full if you wish. The only downside to this is it makes it slightly slower to switch between high and low levels on the Pro model.

    The Lil and Big larry cycle through the following options when you click the power button. White on high, white on low, flashing red, off. The Big Larry Pro cycles through, White on full, red on full, red flashing, off, however, if you hold the button in on either of the constant options it will incrementally dim till it flashes to let you know it is at itís lowest setting and then begins to brighten again. If the Big Larry Pro is on for more than a few seconds on any setting clicking the power button will turn it off. On the Lil and Big Larry you still need to cycle through the options to get to off.

    The Lil Larry also comes in different colours. I only have the red and black ones, so far

    As mentioned the torches can be mounted magnetically. Handy of you need to change a tyre or as mentioned when landing a canoe on the roof of your car. I often stick mine to the garage door when open so I can see in the garage when getting the canoes out.

    You can also clip the lights into any of the pipe clip type torch holders you get for bikes and the like. Obviously you can hold it in your hand. If you want to go hands free then the clip on the Pro and Lil Larry let you clip it to your jumper, jacket or whatever. This is one of these little things that makes a world of difference.

    Another way I use the light on camping trips is to tie it to a ridgeline above the fire. When turned on this gives a great even pool of light for working round the campfire and socialising. It does away with the need for any head torches that blind the person you are talking too. Both the pictures below were taken with the Big Larry torch on a ridgeline.

    Speaking of pictures the Big Larry and Pro are good for providing fill light when taking pictures at night. Below is a night picture without.

    And now with

    Iíve even used the Larry and Pro for lighting whole pictures when out in the dark if everything is relatively close.

    If youíve read all that then you know the summary is the torches are great, superb value and well worth having. If you havenít let me tell you these cheap torches are costing me a fortune. Homebase had the Big Larry for £10 but when I went in I kept buying 6 as they made such great presents. Who wouldnít benefit from such a useful torch? So far Iíve bought and given away about a dozen and no one who has received one has had anything bad to say about them. I really canít imagine anyone being disappointed in one of these for the money. of course if you just donít need a torch, why are you reading this ?

    The Big Larry Improved many of the things I had minor quibbles about but in case anyone from Nebo is reading this here is my wish list.
    1. Make it waterproof. It is weatherproof but I spend enough time round water that fully waterproof would be great.
    2. Make it brighter with longer battery life. It does not need either of these but brighter and longer battery life are always good things and only having one thing I wanted improved made it seem like a biased review.

    So there you go. Iím not offering a money back guarantee you will love these torches but I am pretty much recommending them as strongly as I can right up to that point. Iíll be interested to hear what others with these torches think.
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