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  1. A paddle on the afon taf (west wales)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Andrews View Post
    Magic Rat had suggested a trip on the Taf as he and Nigel had not paddled this before.

    It had been some time since I had paddled this river and with a good but cold forecast it was good to get out.

    I packed the car the night before hoping that Sunday morning would not find me digging the car out of snow!

    We met at the St Clears Boat Club in Lower St Clears with the tide just reaching its maximum. Rohan and Nigel sorted out the shuttle whilst I looked after
  2. Passing of the Best


    My Uncle John is dying. My father went to see him today. I looked at my work schedule and took off tomorrow today there just wasn't anyone to cover. I just spoke to my father on the phone, and he said Uncle John might not be around tomorrow. I hope he is, but I'm dreading the visit.

    The Uncle John of my childhood memories was always a hale and hardy soul. It will be hard to see him Bluff and gruff at times, he was a hard worker, and a ...
  3. But...But...But...I wanna go boatin!....More Pissdoffishness December 05....

    Today it only rained twice.

    Once for the whole of the morning.

    Once for the rest of the day.

    So I spent the day carefully writing my new book.

    I still havent de swearworded what I wrote.

    Seems Im still a little grouchy.

    Today it only rained once.

    There wasnt a lull of even five minutes around noon.


    Its ...
  4. ut...But...But..I wanna go boatin!....Seamasters Challenge Prep....003

    Quote Originally Posted by No Idea View Post

    They were happy thinking they had stolen my boat and I would have to walk.

    They wernt to pleased when I rocked up in the ferry.

    Money to go explore the castle? Seems Im suddenly forgiven.

    So...while they are counting how many guns they can find...

    I get to sail out here.

  5. But...But...But...I wanna go boatin!.... May 2014..I need a new grinder wheel....020

    I wondered what the noise was.

    Big Idea discovered the gazebo roof was falling down, so he took the frame apart and chewed the head off a stainless screw, so he attacked it with my tungsten grinder wheel.

    The screw was glowing when I got there.

    The disk, that had lasted for 5 years or so was destroyed.

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